Blue & Odyseeus cave and best beaches

The islands of Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places to have a visit at. Many people prefer making their holyday tours in this islands due to its unique features. Dubrovnik tours and travels is one of the companies that would ensure that you experience out one of the best trips across the whole islands successfully. This place is known for its serenity and untouched natural beauty and many scenaries that it has in place. Dubrovnik becomes a little chaotic in peak season but if you love mingling in crowd, then try booking in advance.

Caves are usually charming features to have a look at. While using Dubrovnik islands and tours services, you will be accorded the lifetime chance to have a look at the very sizzling and beautiful caves that are there in place. The charming beach searches of Dubrovnik is said to be located on the southern slopes of the main islands of

Dubrovnik, boats usually access cliff surrounding the tiny pebble beach were probably part of the cave once that was in complete existence. You might also want to climb the rocks and have jump into the clear blue or have hike a bit to enjoy the view from above.

For you to have your services enjoyed out in full potion, the islands Dubrovnik is one of the most sizzling tours and travels activities that we have in place. Most of our captains are experienced while navigating into caves .The blue and oddysseus cave tours is said to be one of the leading and most enjoyable forms of tours package that we provide out. Ensure that you get welcomed out in Dubrovnik tours and travels.

Odysseus is a cave used as shelter for fishing boats .When the summer is high impact around noon the sea provides a wider spectrum of very lively colors, particularly interesting for tourism and lovers of natural resources and an absolute phenomena and photos mostly because of the high rocks, light never comes so easy and shuttling like that. The tours of Dubrovnik islands is thrilling, the kind of blue caves and Odysseus islands will always be in position for the rest of the islands of Dubrovnik. Its position is of much importance that will and is said to be separated from the others by smaller margins. Finally for beautiful blue cave tours, and best beaches observation across Dubrovnik use Dubrovnik tours and travels.

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At Prozura Travel agency, we offer 3 days Island hopping from Dubrovnik to Island Mljet to Elaphite Islands. Here is the itinerary.

  • Day 1 : South Elafiti Islands (Koločep, Lopud, Šipan Island)
  • Day 2 : Mljet Island (Odysseus cave – National Park Mljet – Saplunara Sandy beaches – Prozurska Luka)
  • Day 3 : North Elafiti Islands and Ston (Šipanska Luka, Jakljan,& Olipa Islands and city Ston)


  • Visiting the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island
  • Panoramic cruise to the fishing village of Komiza
  • Going to the famous Stiniva beach
  • It’s time for another natural wonder – we’re taking you to the Green Cave
  • Visiting the City of Hvar
  • Take a light jacket with you
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen
  • Snacks and drinks are always welcomed on board
  • Snorkeling equipment is a “must have” during the day
  • Don’t forget to take some great photos with your family and friends during the day


Per person: 110 €